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About Us

The National United Security & Police Officers of America (USPOA) is a grassroots Union given birth by professional security officers in Washington, DC metropolitan area. Our commitment is to improve working conditions, provide job security, and negotiate comparable wages to the values of the work performance and experience we bring to work every day.  Amidst flagrant attacks from the competition, endless name bashing and slanderous propaganda, the Union remained unperturbed - our resilience and continuous success is the result of Security Officers who decided to end the betrayal and exploitive behavior of other unions.  There is no power greater than that of union members and that is the secret of our success.


Mr. Assane B. Faye is the Executive Director of the National Union United Security & Police Officers of America (USPOA).  Mr. Faye is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University (New Jersey) with a BS in Business and an MBA from the University of New Haven (Connecticut).  He has spent more than twenty-one years in the labor movement among some of the most prominent leaders in the fight for workers’ rights.  Mr. Faye has a myriad of union experience as a Business Agent and Area Director and is known for his assertive and aggressive approach in negotiations. His awareness of labor laws and infusion of modern techniques of bargaining have earned him the reputation of best negotiator in Washington D.C and the Metropolitan Area.  In the past six years, Mr. Faye has:


· Negotiated a large number of union contracts in the District of Columbia.


· Managed conversion of health and welfare benefits into cash for employees for employees who do not need additional health coverage.


· Established 401k pensions plans.


· Negotiated the highest wage rates in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.


USPOA is one of the fastest growing unions in the nation with nearly 2000 members in the Washington, DC area alone. We know you deserve better and the only way to be properly compensated for the work you do is through the strength of the union. USPOA is noted for its fighting spirit. We are committed to preserving dignity and respect for all security officers in the strict of Columbia and the rest of theountry.